Styling a Little Black Dress

a75f81b938cc51feca1fa1be8b6c0632LBD’s are timeless. They can be worn throughout the year; any season. During the fall and winter slight modifications can be made just to make sure you are properly dressed for the weather. Adding a neutral colored trench or cape like coat would be fitting. You could also add a pair of tights underneath depending on the occasion. LBD’s are good for any occasion whether it be a wedding, date, or even work. A major advantage about LBD’s are that they are black! Black goes with absolutely everything. That means the dress can be paired with any color accessories. The accessories give you a chance to express your creativity. Another plus is that LBD’s are appropriate for all ages, young and old; they never go out of style.

For inspiration on styling your LBD check out the styles below

Styling a LBD

By Bola

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