Strandz Unlimited’s HydroCurls provides a Start to Finish Hair Care Routine for all Curl Types!

By Jade Solomon

If you’re a naturalista searching for the perfect products for your hair, then you know that walking down the hair care aisle can certainly be an overwhelming experience. There’s so many different brands for natural hair, each with a variety of products in the wash and go process that make it difficult to decide on what’s worth even giving a try without breaking the bank. Strandz Unlimited’s HydroCurlz aims to not only save you a trip down the hair care aisle, but provide products that are sure to be effective from start to finish.

HydroCurlz is a vegan and cruelty-free hair care line that is produced in small batches, and features organic ingredients such as watercress oil, bamboo and aloe that will leave all curl types – from loose, tight, textured curly and coily – shiny, defined and healthy.

HydroCurlz was developed by Tonya Fairley, a stylist and multiple salon owner with over thirty years of experience in the beauty industry, who wanted to satisfy the demand of clients who were unhappy with the current range of hair care options available. With this in mind, Tonya set out to create a line that would “give hair moisture and hydration, frizz control and strength to grow and flourish.” Tonya partnered with a chemist and manufacturing plant and used those same clients to test her sample products. The result is a 5 step product line that is even accompanied by tools such as the Microfiber Towel and Strandz Detangler Brush.

The Moisture Cleanser can either be purchased in 8 ounces or 32 ounces, and ensures that you are using a natural product with hints of citrus pink grapefruit and lime zest that you are sure to notice on first use. Following up with the Moisture Conditioner, which can also be purchased in 8 or 32 ounces, is a product that you can use generously and rinse either fully or partially from the hair. If needed, you even have the option of using it as a deep conditioner; leaving on the hair for 20 minutes and pairing with a heat cap.

For styling, HydroCurlz, provides three products. The Curl Gele’, Curl Creme’, and Control Oil. These three products will allow you to customize your routine based on what your hair really needs at that moment. The Curl Creme’ provides hydration, and Control Oil tames frizz while adding shine. These two products have the option of being used individually or even combined together. In my experience, as someone with a 3B curl type, this is best for the curly girl who is concerned with hydration, not only in her hair but scalp as well. A perfect routine for everyday errands that will leave your hair moisturized and even provide light definition and curl control. The Curl Gele’ serves as your go-to for those days when you need definition and it is non-negotiable. This product combined with the rest of the line is sure to leave your hair super defined, and frizz controlled… for hours.

What I loved most about using this line is that it provides a plethora of products that can be used interchangeably, allowing for a routine that is versatile and customizable to your hair needs. Because there’s so many different products that this one hair care line offers, you don’t have to spend time researching outside products to pair them with, or feeling like there’s a product that’s missing.

But don’t just take my word for it; try these amazing products for yourself, and slash time out of your day from traveling down the hair care aisle. Head over to to order your complete routine today!


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