By Education Contributor Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

Taking steps in the right direction is easier to say but often times hard to do.  When the world says “push forward” but Spirit requires you to ‘Halt’ which do you follow? Often times we are forced to step back, to pull back, or to scale back in order to evaluate “self!” Taking time to evaluate yourself and the various roles you play with others and in organizational settings is needed.  When was the last time you engaged in a FAST or Sabbatical from something or someone you were addicted to?

Often enough, we fail to FAST, and evaluate our current situations and ourselves.  When we decide not to put barriers or restrictions in situations, we have the tendency to get deeper and deeper into something or someone that we should not.  In order to hear what God is trying to tell us, we must learn to sit still and to remove people and situations out from our paths, temporarily to know if it is for us or against us.

Here’s an Example:

I had become addicted to a group in FB that I felt was providing valuable information and it was.  I found myself in this group non-stop during the day and evening.  In the interim, I felt God pulling me to humble myself to His will and not to what I had become addicted to.  On February 5, I had decided to take a 14-day FB fast from directly posting on FB or to anyone that sends me a public message.  To say the least at first, it was so, so hard but I was happy that I have been able to stick with it thus far.

In addition to the FB fast, I decided to engage in a food fast to hear GOD more clearly.  Eight days into both Fasts, I have been able to hear GOD clearer and to reduce the addiction I had created.  Being able to remove Tekemia from the situation and allow GOD to lead the way has helped me to begin to get my affairs in order further for the rest of 2011.

What addictions do you have? What steps are you integrating in your life to get your affairs in order? In order for a change to happen, it starts with YOU and no one else.  The best role models for youth are those they see in leadership roles.  Having quiet time and reflection as an individual and a family will become a form of best practice for all as they grow, mature, and branch out.

You see I thought I needed to “Rebrand” myself for the world, but GOD said NO, you need to “REBRAND YOURSELF IN SPIRIT!” This spiritual fast from wordly things helped me to refocus my priorities and to understand further HIS will and direction for my life.  While the fast is not yet complete, my eyes have been opened tremendously.

I encourage you to “Rebrand” yourself in the way that brings glory and satisfaction to self and the one you believe to be the MOST HIGH! Start today to take the steps in the right direction and then pass it on!  

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