Skincare Tips for a Healthy Glow Post Workout

By Atreyi Jayadutt

Hey Bronze beauties! Dove’s Leading Dermatologist and Beauty Expert, Dr. Mona Gohara shares the importance of maintaining a strict skin care routine post workouts. She talks about the skin care benefits of following an exercise regime, and why Women of Color need to be especially cautious while venturing out into the harsh sun. Dr. Gohra highly recommends the Dove Deep Moisture Instant Foaming Body Wash as its NutriumMoisture technology penetrates 10 layers of the skins surface and maintains hydration, which makes the skin look and feel healthier. The Dove Deep Moisture Instant Foaming Body Wash is available for people with sensitive skin as well and comes in three refreshing fragrances. This lightweight product is the first foaming body wash from Dove that leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth.

Bronze Magazine: With so many people working out from home during this time, how important is it to maintain a pre and post workout skincare routine?

Mona Gohara: I think it is particularly important to maintain a skin routine! These uncertain times can often lead to lapses in self-care. Make sure to maintain the routines that keep you healthy inside and out!  Take a few minutes to cleanse your skin when you finish your home- based workout. Keeping that normalcy will help to ensure healthy skin.

BM: How important is exercise for your complexion?

MG: Working out regularly extends beyond losing weight/gaining muscle, it actually provides you with many skincare benefits including leaving your face with a healthy glowing look and improving your skin elasticity as strength training and muscle toning maintains the firmness of the skin over time.  Working out also decreases your blood cortisol levels. Remember, cortisol can worsen acne and other skin conditions, so finding your Zen and exercising is key!

BM: Do women of color need to be concerned about skincare during exercise? Why or why not?

MG: Everyone should have a little routine around exercise. For women of color, if you are working out outside, make sure to put on sunscreen. We are much more prone to hyperpigmentation, which are marks after acne and melasma, so make sure to protect your skin from UV rays. Also, we are more likely to get marks on the skin after even just one pimple, so cleanse after you pump iron!

BM: Why would you recommend Dove Instant Foaming Body Wash to enhance your post-work out shower experience?

MG: When you work out, you sweat a lot, so showering post workout is important! I recommend using the Dove Deep Moisture Instant Foaming Body Wash because its gentle, lightweight formula with NutriumMoisture technology not only effectively cleanses your skin, but also leaves it soft and smooth for 24 hours, providing you with that superior care only Dove can!

BM: How can acne breakouts be prevented post workout?

MG: Showering after a workout not only feels relaxing but it also reduces the risk of acne, as sweat can cause bacteria to grow on your skin. To prevent breakouts, I recommend showering immediately after your workout to remove any sweat, oil, dirt, and bacteria that may have accumulated. If you aren’t able to shower right away, try washing your face at least with a gentle cleanser like the Dove White Beauty Bar, which is small enough to fit in your gym bag and will lower the risk of post workout acne.

BM: How can women of color best protect our melanated skin during exercise?

MG: Good question! Our skin is much more likely to get hyperpigmentation (discoloration), so when you are outdoors, make sure to wear a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher. Reapply it every two hours. Also, we are more likely to get ingrown bikini hairs, so clothes that are not too constricting are best!

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