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If someone asked what your concept of beauty is, what would you say? Would you answer looks, what’s on the inside, or a person’s fashion statement?  Beauty expert Sherrell Dorsey’s answer would be “all of the above.”  I had the honor of chatting with Sherrell to find out more about her personal road to beauty.   A natural beauty expert, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Sherrell’s concept of beauty began at a young age when she began working in her Aunt’s salon.  During this time, Sherrell learned all there was to know about preserving the image that a woman shows to the world. 
Sherrell utilized her passion for health, beauty, and fashion to educate herself in all areas; so after completing her degree in International Trade and Marketing (for the Fashion industries) at the Fashion Institue of Technology in NYC, Sherrell enrolled in the prestigious Aveda Institute to receive her aesthetics license.  Sherrell’s mission was clear- to live beautiful and show others how to do so as well- by informing her community about the dangers of living a toxic lifestyle, while offering solutions on how to become healthier.
Shortly after, Sherrell knew it was time to create her own beauty empire that focused on educating women who were inexperienced in the health and wellness industry.  Fulfilling her dreams, Sherrell continues to educate women around the world through her workshops, articles and projects that help them to achieve beauty and wellness through positive guidance and holistic remedies.  With entrepreneurship being a main focus, Sherrell continues to write for popular blogs and magazines and is currently working on her new book and the opening of her own beauty store that will continue to teach others to Live Beautiful.
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