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Sesame Street Welcomes Lupita!

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Academy Award Winning actress Lupita Nyong’o stopped by Sesame Street and discussed the topic of skin with the beloved muppet character Elmo. Nyong’o helped Elmo realize that even he had skin under his fur. The Kenyan beauty, further explained the different functions of skin such as protection, touch, and even making someone ticklish.
“Skin comes in lots of beautiful shades and colors,” Nyong’o says after Elmo points out that Lupita’s skin was a “beautiful, brown color.”
The 12 Years A Slave star has been a major advocate for the empowerment of self-image, self-confidence, and self-worth. The Lancôme brand ambassador gave a moving speech on beauty earlier this year at the Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon.
“I hope that my presence on your screens and in the magazines may lead you, young girl, on a similar journey,” she said.
“That you will feel the validation of your external beauty but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside. There is no shade in that beauty.”

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