Secret Goes Weightless for Spring

By Nicollette Samuels

The secret is out! Secret recently released their new collection of antiperspirant and deodorant sprays just in time for spring. They are introducing their new Weightless Dry Spray, designed to have their beloved Secret 48 hour protection with freshness that was made to last.

Secret’s Weightless Dry Spray could not come at a more perfect time. As the weather starts to warm up and people get more active, they are going to want underarm protection that works and doesn’t feel heavy. This collection specializes in having lasting sweat and odor protection and feeling weightless on the skin, hence the name.

The new formula provides fast-acting strength with no wait time so you can go about your day as quickly as possible when you are in a rush. It also promises to be free of heavy waxes and alcohol, made with pH balancing minerals, and leave no residue behind on clothing. No need to worry about ruining your favorite blouse or black t-shirt.

The collection comes in 6 scents, 4 of which are antiperspirants made with argan oil (Vanilla, Waterlily, Wild Rose, and White Peach). The remaining 2 are deodorants without aluminum, and made with hemp seed oil (Coconut, and Lavender). These scents are motion and moisture activated so you get fragrance bursts when you need them. The bottles are also crafted with a new ergonomic grip, for a targeted application.

The collection can be found at Target and Walmart


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