Satan has Outsourced His Services to the Church!

In this time of cut backs, companies and other types of entities are finding themselves in need of outsourcing some of their services to cut down on overhead expenses such as payroll taxes, workers compensation, and other types of fringe benefits. It appears that hell has picked up the same mantra and has outsourced many of its services to the church, of all places! Some of you are wondering what I’m talking about and I’m glad you’re wondering. Let me make it clear. There are different levels and ranks in any army. You have Privates, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, and Generals to name a few. Depending on their rank and expertise they are given certain responsibilities. Another consideration as to who takes charge is the status of the one whom it has been deemed as one who needs to be taken down. Bottom line is you don’t send a General in to take out a small patrol especially if that patrol is being led by a Sergeant. Are you following me? If not, hold on it will become clear in just a few minutes. We learn in the scriptures that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with spirits in high places, in the atmosphere. That would lead one to view life challenges as one where evil spirits are being dispatched to run havoc over your life and yet we find that they do not have to be dispatched; Satan can simply dispatch the church to do his bidding and it would appear that he is being very successful.

Let me give you some examples of the havoc that is running ramped and making some individuals lives a living hell:

Backbiting people Gossiping people

Cliques (exclusion) making folks feel unwelcomed. Turning up your nose at someone who doesn’t look like you, dress like you, drive the same car as you, or have the same resources as you (money).

Failure to have love one for another- (people can’t stand the person sitting next to them, speaking, or singing then as soon as the person who is the object of your eye is out of view you’re falling out in the church, speaking in tongues, and saying “praise the Lord”) How can you say you love a God you can’t see and yet hate your brother?

Pharisaical spirit- (a critical spirit that lacks grace and mercy- quick to condemn someone else’s shortcomings while failing to acknowledge their own); just straight up judgmental.

Easily offended – skin so thin you take everything personal and then leave the church, bad mouthing the institution in order to push others away from it as well, justifying their lack of desire to attend an organized religious institution.

Those causing dissension within the church

It is no wonder the church has become a revolving door – folks come to the church and the air is so thick with strife, or worse no sincerity or warmth, so they fail to return.

Then Satan uses those same outsourced individuals to wreak havoc in the home, at the work place, and in the community.

So as you can see Satan has absolutely succeeded and benefited from his outsourcing tactics. The imps and demons have been replaced with individuals who if asked, would ensure you we couldn’t be talking about them. So to the church I say, “Stop being a pawn of Satan and become who you were created to be- vessels of honor to be used by God to save a dying world.”

As a foot note I use the “church” loosely as it is what and how many people associate the body of Christ. Just so you know in this instance the “church” is the gathering place that “Christians” congregate. It is not the bible definition of the church. The church is the people. It deals with the heart and the relationship to Christ. That was for free!!

By Angela Harris

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