Sarahi House of Fashion’s Exclusive Signature C Cut Jeans

Every girl needs a classic pair of comfortable jeans however, in today’s market place it’s a little bit difficult to find, so in Miami fashion designer Suzette Kelly’s endeavors to find the perfect pair of jeans she created and patented what she calls the C and V cut jeans. The back of these jeans are cut to cover the bottom while the front is cut to give you a sexy appeal taking either a C or V shape. There is no longer a need to wear long shirts to cover your undergarments when you wear these jeans nor do you have to tug or pull to prevent your undergarments from showing.  These fabulous and exclusive designer jeans  provide comfort and the perfect coverage when you sit.



Designs can be purchased at Sarahi House of Fashion or Global Fashion Brands


Photo Credits:

Top Photo by: Alexei Afonin

Bottom Photo by: Mike LeAndre

Makeup(both photos): Kendrick Rahmings

Design(both photos): Sarahi

Stylist(both photos): Suzette Kelly

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