Safe Travels on your Vacay

By Nsi Amah

Hey, Bronze Beauties! Summer is here and your trip is right around the corner! You are all packed and ready to travel with your girlfriends. Vacation is super fun and exciting, but you have to remember to be extra cautious as well. Being aware of your surroundings and making sure you are safe should be your top priority. There have been too many cases in the news recently where tourists have either been robbed, seriously hurt or attracted unwanted attention to themselves. So, traveling safely is super important, and here’s a few key safe travel tips to keep in mind.

Photo Credit: Christina Morillo from Pexels

Do your research

It is best to do your homework on the specific region you are traveling to. You should know what the food is like, and if there are any foods you should avoid. Check the culture and language of the natives. Learning cultural norms helps you to know what’s acceptable and what is not, while learning the main language makes it easier to understand the natives. It is also important to do your research on current issues and the dress code if there are any. Internal issues can possibly affect your travel experience and make it very dangerous. You don’t have to be an expert, but familiarity is key.

Leave valuables behind

Carrying expensive valuables with you such as jewelry, Apple products, etc. can make you a target for pick pockets. Leave the expensive jewelry at home, it is not needed! It’s understandable you want to keep your digital camera with you as well as your iPhone for the Gram, but practice keeping them super close to you. Don’t leave your phone or money in your back pocket, it’s best to leave them in your bag. You can purchase antitheft bags or accessories to place your things in during activities. Purchasing these before your trip will help prevent theft from pick pockets who try to either distract you or “bump into you.”

Be careful who you speak to

Traveling as a group of women, it’s important to be careful who you speak with around your resort or the place where you are staying. Don’t answer too many questions or any at all. Don’t reveal that you are American to anyone; no one needs to know about your vacation or that you’re a tourist. In other words, it is best to keep a low profile. You may see people lurking around the resort who are not tourists; avoid them.

Leave Beggars Be

With rising homeless populations in many travel destinations, there may be beggars throughout your journey, and it may be tempting to want to pull out your wallet to help them, but don’t. It’s best to ignore them and keep it moving, especially when they know you are not a native. They will try to follow or harass you for money. If you must, give them some loose change you have in your pocket and quickly move on. Watch out for begging children as well; sometimes they are used as a set up for robbery and/or kidnapping. Please be careful around them.

Photo Credit: Kerde Severin from Pexels

Don’t Post Your location on Social Media

Posting on social media is usually the main goal while on vacay but it’s best to keep it to a minimum. Don’t share your location until you have left or traveled to another location. It is best to keep people guessing where you are to avoid thieves and smart hackers using public Wifi. Posting your location and activities will make yourself an easier target for crime. It’s even better to post your vacation photos when you return back home. No one needs to know you are away. Keep it to yourself and have your closet family members or friends watch your home. It is best to stay private, be careful and have fun! Privacy is the best way to go. Since technology has advanced over the years, hackers have gotten smarter and you have to be smarter too.

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