By fashion expert and contributor Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks

Well, it’s time for spring and time to begin changing up a few clothing items because of the warm weather.  If you are not in a position financially, you can make a few minor adjustments to some of your own clothes.  You can also come up with some very unique styles!  You know how we all like to have something in your closet that no one else has!  This season’s trends make it very easy for even someone with very little sewing skills to become a fashionista overnight.  Additionally, you can get a seamstress involved….but go ahead, give a few of these things a try.  Also, lots of us have lots of clothes!  We really don’t have to go shopping, we just need to recognize the great potential we have right in our closet.
So here’s just a few ideas:
Take in the waist of a boxy jacket. It will make it more form-fitting and flattering.
Put elastic in the hem of your pants to create the Genie pants.
  Cut the sleeves off of a shirt or jacket and make a vest.

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