Release Your Inner Goddess – featuring Zuvaa Pop-Up Shop

Photos and Article By Kadisha Kentish

The Zuvaa Marketplace is a unique online site where you can find unique African inspired pieces by emerging designers from all over the country. Zuvaa exhibits everything from DIY trinkets and designs to fashion forward clothing, shoes, and accessories. Zuvaa brands itself with bold, vibrant prints to make the inner goddess in you come out and shine!

How can you get a hold of this amazing merchandise? The Zuvaa Marketplace hosts pop-up shops and tours in various spaces peridocially open to the public. This past weekend, the Zuvaa Marketplace had a Pop Up Shop at the Zen House, right here in NYC! The Zen House was filled with all types of African inspired dresses, shirts, pants, jewelry, and homemade lotions/creams for sale. If you are into African inspired pieces, and want to get in touch with your inner goddess, check out Zuvaa’s Instagram page @shopzuvaa. If you come across a piece you just can’t pass up, support the shop and splurge a little bit 😊 on!


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