Recap of NY ‘Times Talk’ with the Cast of ‘Moonlight’

A night of conversation and music was nothing short of amazing at the recent Times Talk, which was held at the Dr. Stevan Dweck Cultural Center, located at the Brooklyn Public Library. The topic of the evening centered on the recently released groundbreaking film “Moonlight,” that sparked the interests of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures, which was more than evident by the diverse audience in attendance. I wanted to get a closer look at Barry Jenkins, the brains behind this film, and the talented actors who took us through a version of the the black experience, involving the increasingly relevant and timely issues at the intersection of race, sexuality, and masculinity, all while living in the hood. Barry Jenkins seems to have put together a well formulated team, including actress Naomie Harris & actor Andre Holland, who shared their thoughts about the film as well as their experiences on set. This session with the director and cast seemed very intimate and personal. The film’s composer Nicholas Britell, accompanied by violinist Tim Fain, added to the intimate atmosphere by opening with a brief performance of some of the music from the film.

Photo Credit: Steven Meyer for The New York Times

 I was quite impressed with Barry Jenkins’ dedication to this feature film, and more impressed to learn that he is currently working on a film adaptation of the Underground Railroad. Barry allowed the process of “Moonlight” over the years to capture the embodiment of a great film. Barry also gave props to one of the greats in filmmaking, Spike Lee, for paving the way for him and other filmmakers to be bold and confident with no apologies. He also spoke about how Spike Lee had to carry the weight for black people to be taken seriously as filmmakers without Hollywood. I believe we will be hearing his name buzzing more now than we have in the past.

Take a look at the full interview here

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