Rebounding In The Beauty Industry Post COVID With Boss Mogul Kechia Taylor

By C. Scott
Photo Credit: Thomas Kirk

The pandemic not only shifted our health and lifestyles but also our entrepreneurial passions. Many business owners found out quickly that their boss plans need to be recession proof and able to pivot graciously along new paths if needed. Some entrepreneurs folded under the pressure while others stayed the course. Beauty industry maven, Kechia Taylor, of Brows & Co is one who stayed the course. Despite the growing demands and trends in the beauty industry, Kechia remained on top of her game and even shed some light for other beauty bosses in her industry.

“Beauty to me is anything that captures one’s attention with a positive impact,” says Kechia Taylor. She definitely caught everyone’s attention with her luxury brand and is steadily moving forward to make a positive impact. Her passion for fashion, art, and eyebrow artistry led to the creation of her brand, Brows & Co. Her continued dedication to her craft has also allowed her to remain planted firmly as a top brand in the beauty industry. As we see many businesses struggling to shift for positive outlooks, we wanted to gain insight from Kechia Taylor that could assist with all beauty entrepreneurs. Here’s what she shared about her inspiration, surviving post pandemic, and more:

What inspired your career in the beauty industry?

“I always had a love for fashion! But I knew I didn’t want to be a fashion designer, so I went to school for art. I took what I learned in art school and my love of fashion, and applied it to my career in the beauty industry. Growing up, I was a magazine fanatic. I would always look at beauty and fashion magazines to study trends and also women’s facial expressions. This is where my love for brows originated. I had a unique skill of creating balance in beauty and eyebrows drew me. I always noticed how eyebrows really dominate the face and if they are uneven, it really impacts the person’s facial structure. I decided to test my natural skills by going to beauty school and I was right! Everything I naturally knew was being taught. I ended up taking advanced beauty courses for eyebrow artistry.”

How did your company maintain its success once COVID hit?

“Thankfully, my business didn’t suffer any losses once COVID hit. My business actually increased! I always offered online classes, but didn’t push it as much. When all businesses were required to close during COVID, I decided to heavily push my virtual offerings and that sustained my business during the lockdown. I was able to offer all of my educational beauty services online during that time. The only service I couldn’t provide was actual client eyebrow application. We were closed for three months, but once we reopened, there were so many people who wanted to have services done. All of our regular clients were excited to restart their beauty maintenance routines, and then there were a ton of new people who wanted to try our services.”

What key advice would you give to beauty professionals who are trying to shift their practices and stay afloat in your industry?

“If there’s one thing I think we all learned, it is to make sure you have a variety of service offerings. Don’t depend on one stream of income in your business! As a beauty professional, you can offer educational services to your clients, as well as having physical products. That way if your business cannot offer traditional beauty services, you still have ways to generate income. You can host an online class and provide at-home beauty tips, you can also sell at-home beauty kits. It’s crucial to stay creative and innovative in business.”

Being a business owner is no small task. Exceeding within a growing industry such as the beauty world is an even taller task. But CEO’s like Kechia Taylor are here to stay and they are equipping growing brands with sustainable knowledge for advancement. Connect with Kechia Taylor of Brows & Co online to learn more: @kechiataylor, @browsandcompany, and

Writer, C. Scott, is a mom, social worker, and authorpreneur. Follow her online as @curls_coils.


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