Rachel Stewart: An Inspirational Jewelry Collection

Remember in the 80’s when the movement was “empowering others” by rocking African inspired garbs, kufi’s and pendants? Well, Rachel Stewart has re-influenced that 80’s inspiration by creating big and bold pieces evocative of that “era”.
The jewelry collection consists of all sorts of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings and cuffs. What make this collection unique are the shapes and creative edge! The Duafe (afro-pick shaped) earrings made of Duafe wood, silver, or gold mimics that of a real afro pick; miniature size of course. Better yet, check out the cassette tape earrings which pairs well with the Basquiat Brooche or the Moon in Taurus bronze necklace. The Rachel Stewart collection is even affordable with prices ranging from $16 to $35.
The different pieces will compliment any outfit and add originality. I envision wearing these pieces with a forest green Bohemian dress paired with brown/tan sandals or even with a Brown Skin mustard shirt and denim jeans. To view the collection in its entirety, visit

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