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Put KiKi on Your Radar

By Meagan Bess

KiKi is the debut album of singer and songwriter Kiana Ledé. The 17 songs dropped on April 3, the same day as her 23rd birthday. Ledé made a name for herself long before this album. She has featured covers of popular songs on her YouTube channel, accompanied by Mike Woods on the keyboard. She also has several EPs available for purchase and streaming on the major platforms.

Here’s a breakdown of several of her songs from the album that relate to the ups and down’s of a relationship.

Mad At Me

This song has a lot of attitude. Bringing her own brand of style to the sampled, funky backdrop of OutKast’s So Fresh and So Clean, Ledé is letting this person know how she feels. Her line, “Yeah, so if you thinking there’s a problem, we can settle it,” rings like the saying, “It’s not you it’s me, which doesn’t seem to apply here as Ledé clearly lets this person know they are the one with the problem.

Chocolate featuring Ari Lennox

The idea of loving this person is a craving like chocolate, “So amazing like it ain’t real.” It is as if it’s in their imagination. Loving someone all while thinking it’s surreal can become an addiction.

Forfeit featuring Lucky Daye

This song is enticing the person Ledé is addressing to “Say something now,” especially when it seems like they won’t have anything to back up what they’re saying. The lyrics of this selection make Ledé sound direct and fearless. There is no doubt she means what she says.

Second Chances

Ledé is saying she can’t give “No more second chances.” What this man thought they had is over now because he took advantage of situations that involved her. It brings her some pain to make this decision as she sings, “Now I’m cryin’ while I’m drivin’ with your smile in my head.” It wasn’t an easy choice to walk away, but it could have been when he doesn’t respond to her text messages.

Plenty More

Ledé is indecisive in this song. She gives conflicting messages saying, “I know I keep saying I’ma leave, I’ma leave, I’ma leave, I’ma leave you. Truth is I can’t let it go, let it go, let it go ’til we even, oh,” while calling him her ex. She seems to have fell out of love quickly with this man and it shows as she gets rid of his belongings and causes destruction to his place.

I hope that these interpretations have compelled you to listen to the album in its entirety. Ledé’s lyrical capabilities are immaculate and is an artist to keep on your radar.


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