Purple Lipstick Is In: The return of “Heroine”

Have you heard of the new addiction that is going around? It’s MAC Cosmetics’ Heroine lipstick that has people going crazy! All makeup lovers unite and celebrate the return of the most vibrant deep purple lipstick on the planet! once a part of MAC’s Reel Sexy Collection until they discontinued the product, the limited edition vibrant matte purple lipstick (retails at $15) is back and here to stay. In mid-December MAC announced its return and no one can keep their hands off of it! The product pre-launched on December 16th and became available in stores on Jan 2nd, 2014. The color appears to be dark purple in the tube, but when applied it takes upon a bold magenta-violet color. The full coverage lipstick lasts about 5-7 hours, and most of all the shade stands out, and is pleasing to wear!



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