Protecting Your Bronze Glow in The Sun

By Nsi Amah

As black and brown women, we don’t often think about protecting our skin from the sun. We welcome the sun in our lives because we don’t mind soaking for a few hours of the sun’s rays. We need to be careful! Even though the sun’s rays can be a blessing when it comes to vitamin D, it can also be an enemy to our skin in the long run. Sure, sunbathe on the beach while you can but give your skin some love before doing that. Trust me, you kin will thank you later for the care that you give.

Stay Hydrated

Water does wonders to your body and it also does wonders to your skin. It helps maintain the elasticity in your skin while you are still in your youth, decreasing the chances of early wrinkles. This is especially for black women who tend to have super oily skin. The more oily your skin is the more dehydrated you are. Drink lots of water and your skin will stay happy!


Yes ladies, you need sunscreen! Everybody needs sunscreen, no matter what skin tone you have, you need it. Sunscreen helps block the radiation that sinks into your skin. If you want to get darker under the sun, make sure you put a layer of sunscreen on to protect your skin from unhealthy UV exposure. This is very important for those who have problem skin or high pigmentation, the sun will be more drawn to you. This can make your breakouts or skin issues worse. Please make SPF your friend. The sunscreen you buy should have SPF of at least 30 or higher to protect you. The lighter skin you are, the more prone you are to sunburn as well. Some brands have sunscreen specifically for darker skin tones; Palmer’s, Aveeno, Glossier, Black Girl Sunscreen, etc.

Wear less makeup

Less make up during the summer is more. You don’t need a full face of it during the hottest days of the season. This will only clog up your pores and irritate your skin when you have been sweating all day. It is best to keep your skin clean and moisturized throughout the hot season. If you must wear makeup, avoid wearing more than two coats of it or wear makeup that has SPF in the ingredients. You should think about switching to make up that are made for hotter climates; SPF needs to be in your skin regimen.

Photo Credit: Nappy from Pexels

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