Product Review: Coco Conscious Curly Concoctions

I’ve been wearing my hair natural for many years; way before returning to your natural roots became popular with such a multitude of hair products to support the movement. I’ve just been camouflaging it over the years under braids, weaves, and currently one of my all-time favorites- lace front wigs. Even though I am totally natural while only in the confines of my home, I still recognize the importance of using products that will keep my hair clean, healthy and moisturized. After trying a few products from the Coco Conscious Collective Curly Concoctions line, I will definitely be adding these to my hair-care routine and here’s why:

Curly Concoctions GroupWhat it is:
A family of authentically natural products, for authentically natural beauty

What it does:
Curly Concoctions Moisture Repair Cleanser- Gently cleans while reviving moisture balance for improved elasticity and curl retention
Curl Concoctions Elasticity Restore Rinse- Instantly softens to aid in detangling and reinforces natural elasticity to enhance curl pattern
Curly Concoctions Luster Revival Leave-in- Moisturizing quick fix to soften, define, and add shine back to lackluster curls.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
• Non-plant derived alcohol
• Parabens
• Petrochemicals
• Sulfates
• Animal by products
• Other nonrenewable resources

My Take:
I’ve used a great deal of shampoos in my lifetime, and I truly cannot remember one that formed a lather in my hair on the first wash. It usually takes the 2nd or 3rd wash for a lather to build up, but that’s not the case for CCC’s moisture repair cleanser. It lathered my hair up right away. This was a cool bronze factor for me. The elasticity restore rinse softened my hair, making combing and parting much easier. The luster revival leave-in added that final touch of softness and shine to my hair. I also really liked the product’s woodsy tea tree scent, and the packaging (bottle design) was very attractive. Overall, the products performed as promised. On a scale of 1-5, I give Coco Conscious Collective 5 bronze stars.

By Shawn Stuldivant, Editor-In-Chief


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