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I’m such a girly girl, so every chance I get to make myself feel like a princess, I do it. Having the perfect painted nails is a great way to make yourself feel like a princess, or at least feel good about yourself. It’s always hard to find the perfect colors, especially when you are trying to pick colors that match the season.  I’m currently obsessed with the nail polish collection called EA Polish. I was able to try the colors “F.A.I.L” and “Up All Night”, which are perfect colors for fall and winter. Let me tell you about why I’m obsessed with EA Polish.

Here’s the low down on EA Polish:

“What it is: A toxic-free vegan nail polish that is cruelty free with a smooth formula that dries fast.

What it does: It is a nail polish that inspires and encourages people through style and color. The two colors that I have from this nail collection are “F.A.I.L” and “Up All Night.” The color “F.A.I.L” is a metallic purple that needs 2 coats to get it opaque. The meaning behind “F.A.I.L” is when you fail at something, but you’ve learned something as well. Failing is your first attempt at learning. It’s a nail polish that gives you confidence in yourself after failing at something, and teaches you to get back up. The color “Up All Night” is a deep purple that only needs 1 coat to be opaque. The meaning behind “Up All Night” is that everyone has been there when it comes to staying up all night, like cramming for exams, girls night out, or babysitting. This polish helps encourage continuing on with your night and making the best of it.

Why I love it: The first color I tried was “F.A.I.L,” and when I put it on my nails I felt like a new person. My confidence went up because the color made me feel like I was going to a party. I tried the second color, “Up All Night,” and it is the perfect purple for fall. I was so excited that I have a lipstick that matches “Up All Night,” which made me feel flawless. I love the fact that polish dries fast and that it’s cruelty free. I also like the fact that the nail polish lasted longer than most nail polishes that I use, which is around 5 days. I’m a huge fan that each polish has a meaning behind it, which gives an extra boast of confidence.

If you’re looking for new polishes to try, then I recommend you try EA Polish. It will give you a good feeling inside that no polish has done. They are also cheaper than the Essie polishes.

Bronze Factor:

Pros: Easy to Apply, Quick Drying, and Variety of Colors

Cons: Needs a Top Coat

Buy Again: Yes

Price: $6.00

Packaging: 5 Bronze Stars

Overall: 4 Bronze Stars

Get your EA Polish here:

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