Practice Self Care Everyday with these 3 Resources

By Cenithia Bilal

Self care is everywhere these days. From kits to songs to apps, the idea of taking care of yourself is truly both a commodity and a luxury. Not only does it require you to step away from your daily routine, but it also requires you to take the time to prioritize yourself over others. You can practice self care in a variety of ways. Sometimes I like to do it the classic way: take a bath, wear a face mask and paint my nails. And sometimes I like to do random things throughout the week like meditate or read or go to the gym. There aren’t any rules to this because self care is an entirely individual practice. It’s about what makes you feel cherished, inspired or valued. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine, here are 3 Instagram resources that are tried and true.

1. Black Girl in Om

Black Girl in Om is a Chicago-based wellness platform for women of color that produces a podcast hosted by the Founder, Lauren Ash and the Art Director, Deun Ivory. They partner with a lot of other black wellness entrepreneurs and facilitate discussions about spirituality, mental health and peacefulness. Definitely worth a listen!

2. Recipes for Self-Love

For daily affirmations and encouragement paired with beautiful drawings, this Instagram account is worth the follow. And if you’re someone who wakes up and scrolls, this is a great way to start your day.

3. Headspace

If you have racing thoughts and a cluttered mind, meditation is the way to go. Try it when you wake up or before bed or even during your lunch break. This app has cool 1-minute meditation sessions for those of you on the go. You can complete different themed meditations as well, like unwind and refresh. It has in-app purchases so you can access more meditations if you’re willing to spend the cash.

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