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Pharrell Williams Dishes on the Fountain of Youth

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Well, we wish the baby faced Pharrell would share on the fountain of youth apparently locked in what I imagine as a grotto style Jacuzzi at one of his homes. The ever illusive Pharrell Williams has held many secrets about his private life during his largely successful music and fashion careers over the years. One thing Williams has become synonymous with the longer he’s been in the entertainment industry is his ability to hide the fountain of youth for so long. It seems as if the older Williams gets, the younger he appears. Into The Gloss was able to get a hold of Williams and have him tell interested fans what goes into his daily beauty regimen. During his interview he shared that his friend Supermodel Naomi Campbell was the one who advised him to get his skin treated regularly by a dermatologist. He also shares that he uses a foaming facial cleanser recommended by his dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones, as well as a toner and moisturizer. See his quote in full at!

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