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Popular BET television drama series, Being Mary Jane, depicts the life of a single, mid-thirties African American woman who, although has a successful career as a news anchor, battles with finding fulfillment in her personal life. In a time where many of her friends and associates are  already  married and have started families, Mary Jane’s time is consumed by work and financially supporting her siblings, which results in her struggle with finding Mr. Right and dealing with loneliness.

Shows like this typically maintain high ratings due to their ability to relate and connect with the average viewer’s own life. In this case, many women, in some form or fashion, struggle with loneliness. Whether they have time-consuming careers, are single mothers, have lost a loved one, etc, loneliness is a feeling that typically presents itself and can accrue if overlooked. First, one must understand that ‘feeling alone’ and ‘being alone’ have  two different meanings. Anyone can physically be alone, yet still enjoy their solitude. Loneliness, however, is a depressive feeling of isolation. This feeling can be experienced whether alone, in a crowd, or in an intimate relationship.

Many people experience this feeling from time to time as life throws its occasional obstacles, but with help they are able to overcome it. First, one must fill her thoughts with affirmations, positive declarations of truth. Mary Jane’s character, in Being Mary Jane, is well-known (as seen above) for having dozens of sticky notes containing positive quotes, messages and words of encouragement on her mirrors and around the house. Whether it’s sticky notes, biblical scriptures, music, or simply a poster, make sure you’re constantly seeing and consuming positivity. Next, let someone know how you’re feeling. Sometimes we tend to bottle up our emotions and suppress them, forcing ourselves to take on unnecessary mental burdens. Allow loved ones and people you’re close with know you could use their company and encouragement. Last, consider joining a book club or an exercise group, volunteering, or planning weekly outings with family and friends. Keeping the mind busy and preoccupied with things you enjoy  will easily create a mentality where the feeling of loneliness cannot dwell.

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Remember ladies, loneliness is a temporary feeling that everyone may experience from time to time. If you or someone you know has been dealing with long-term feelings of loneliness, it should not be overlooked. Take some time to determine the root of the issue and why you’re feeling that way. The key is to shift your mindset and redirect your mind to thoughts that only bring joy, peace, and confidence.


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