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With words like innovative, creative, upbeat and resourceful used to describe Olivia Dikambi, it’s no wonder she’s fast becoming a recognizable figure in the world of Entertainment. As Founder and CEO of I AM PR Agency located in NYC, PR Olivia is rightfully taking her place in the industry of Public Relations and Artist/Brand Management. With an increasing list of clientele and her involvement with major projects involving prominent media outlets such as, VH1 Soul, BET and many more, PR Olivia is definitely a force to reckon with and is well on her way to becoming one of the top PR firms in NYC. As a young woman of vision and a real go-getter, PR Olivia’s story is certainly a source of inspiration for upcoming young entrepreneurs.

BRONZE: You attended college in a place where most people only dream of going to school.  What was it like living in Paris and attending La Sorbonne University?
OLIVIA DIKAMBI: It was great! Paris is a great city to live in and study.


BRONZE: What industry were you in when you received the inward call return to your passion: the Arts? What was the defining moment when you knew that this was the direction in which you should go?
DIKAMBI: I was studying Business & International Trade before returning into the Arts & Entertainment.  The defining moment in which I knew this was the direction to go was during the summer of 2007 when I worked on the PR for Quai 54 (a huge basketball tournament in Europe). I had so much fun and met so many great people, I couldn’t believe people were actually getting paid to do this!


BRONZE: What was your first major assignment in the entertainment industry and how did this experience shape and/or define your next steps?
DIKAMBI: My first assignment was putting our first music client, David E Beats on the map. The market is oversaturated, and we needed to get the attention of the big publications. This experience shaped me because I learned how to be persistent and to fight for each media placement.


BRONZE: You have the unique ability to reach out to media across borders. How important is global appeal in this business?
DIKAMBI: Global appeal in business is very important especially since the world is becoming almost one-dimensional. People start to read, watch, and listen to the same things all across the world. The internet made it pretty easy to communicate and reach a broader audience 24/7.


BRONZE: How different (or similar) are media and celebrity relations between Europe and the U.S.? What types of challenges (if any) have you faced as a woman?
DIKAMBI: My experience in Europe was somewhat limited, so I wouldn’t be able to give you a full run down on how it works on a daily basis over in Europe. However, I think the U.S market is much more “Celebrity” focused than the European market.
I haven’t faced too many challenges, but if I can think of one: it would be the challenge of being taken seriously at first by the big media publications.  I really had to prove myself thru my work ethic and the results the agency can get.
As a woman, you need to affirm yourself daily because it is still a male-dominated industry.


BRONZE: Please tell us about your mission at I AM PR Agency and why you chose to work with independent musicians and emerging businesses.
DIKAMBI: I want to empower, elevate, and enrich the lives of my clients. I chose to work in music & business, because they represent 2 passions of mine.


BRONZE: Please name one important tip for aspiring publicists.
DIKAMBI: Read, read, read everything you can get your hands on in the field of PR and work on your craft every day!


BRONZE: What’s next for PR Olivia and I AM PR Agency?
DIKAMBI: Growing as a business woman and as business!


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