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Offbeat Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey there Bronze beauties! October’s here and we’ve been seeing more and more of your makeup game and costume ideas for Halloween this year. For those of you that haven’t thought of one, want one that’s not from a costume shop, and is a bit more unique than what’s trending, check out some of these offbeat costume ideas for a fun spooktacular evening.

For the Girl Who Has To Work on Scare Day

Penny Proud from the Proud Family

(Photos: Penny, Skirt, Top)

If you want to do a representation of a strong confident female, but worry that Olivia Pope is too mainstream for a unique costume, then Penny Proud is the go to for a classic progressive look. Penny was the oldest child of the Proud family, and she always stood up for her rights as a feminist and a person of color. She is also the first female member of her high school’s football team, part of the newspaper staff, and a wonderful poet.

The simplest out of the outfits, you can rock Penny’s look at the office with a plum skirt, pink blazer and the classic white button up top. Rock some slightly modern shoes, and wear your hair in puffs or mini buns. You can be cute and loud like Penny herself.

For The Space Nerd Savvy

Zoe Washburne from Firefly

(Photos: Zoey Shirt, Jacket)

This top has the right amount of ‘slink’ Zoe would wear for a night out. First mate on the Serenity ship in the cult classic series, she was a woman who was tough as nails but sweet on her hubby and the crew. A green blouse with a red pleather jacket and a spiffy ray-gun would make this a great low maintenance outfit for grabbing some boozy treats with the girls on All Hallows Eve.

For a Three Woman Squad

Destinys Child

(Photos: Destiny’s Child ,Top, Boots)

One of the most iconic girl music groups, Destiny’s Child is a great costume idea for you and your two besties to rock. The only thing is, each girl is so fierce that it’ll be hard to identify you vs. regular queen status queen. However, rocking the same outfit color palettes, such as how the girls dressed in “Survivor,” and you’ll stand out in the best way. Just, um, decide who’s Beyonce before you coordinate your looks.

For the Five Girl Squad

The Muses (from Heracules)

(Photos: Muses, Headband, Cuff-Knot Style, Dress With Gold, Gold Cuff)

What’s better than the world renowned girl group sent to us from the heavens? Actual divine beings, that’s who. If you have a crew to roll with and are game for rocking all white for the night, the Muses are a sure fire way to stand out in the crowd. Plus they also sing!

Any other costume ideas we missed? Do you know what you want to be for Halloween? Please let us know in the comments!

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