November Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Style Pantry

Folake Kuye Huntoon aka Style Pantry is a growing fashion icon in the internet world. What makes her different from a lot of other fashion bloggers is that she plays with different prints, colors, and textures. She is not afraid of mixing and matching. Fashion comes and goes, but style is something you develop, and she definitely has style. She caters to all age groups because her style is edgy with a twist of sophistication and class. Folake is a great example of a stylish working mom; motherhood does not mean you have to forget about looking fabulous at all times.

style pantry plaid shoes (2)

For example,this outfit stands out for a couple of reasons: The first reason being the pop of bright red. Here she pairs a bright red leather jacket with a light blue striped button up, but what makes the outfit cool is her plaid tartan heels. She clearly has a color scheme of blue and red. She incorporates these colors very simplistically. Another reason this outfit stands out is her accents of gold and red bracelets. Stacked jewelry is always a nice look and it does not add too much busyness to the entire outfit. Folake has so many great looks, but unfortunately we cannot feature all of them.

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