By contributor Danee Riggs

From Freedom Riders, Navy Seals and other military men and women, to excellent educators and terrific teachers, authors and artists of distinction, etc.; all have one beautiful commonality at their start; A Mother.
She tucked them in with bedtime stories and visions of grandeur. She encouraged and inspired them to always do their best -then push further. Morals and values were woven into their spirits by a gentle but firm hand, the profound desire to ‘do the right thing’ instilled by lesson as well as example.
She means the world because without her there would be no world.
So today, I salute you, Mother. To those given this position of distinction by birth or by promotion from the Lord, I say there is no other title given in the earth that deserves as much honor, respect and admiration as that of MOTHER.
Blessed to have (an awesome) one, blessed in the highest to be one, again I salute you, MOTHER. I offer you this original selection from my upcoming book “Seasons of My Soul; A Poetry Girl’s Prerogative:
She danced…
To African drums and hip-hop beats
Feet bare, she danced through city streets
On broken glass and bottle tops
Down through the centuries, non-stop
Over cobblestones and blades of grass
Suburbs and ghettos, discarded trash
From the ruins of ancient cities, to high rises on the east side
And throughout her journeys she laughed and she cried
Never once did she surrender her pride.
Passed pieces of her soul on down to her daughters
Cleansed each of her sons with her purified waters
And if you look closely you’ll see the lines on her face
While her body still moves with a youthful grace
And she danced ‘til salty tears stung her eyes
Trying to erase the horrors she’d witnessed in life
Her arms and legs moved in rhythm to cover
The pain from the hand of a bitter sweet lover
The loss of innocence, devastations inflicted
The wars that claimed those of her lineage enlisted
Boy, did she dance!
She danced the dance for all women
‘Cause she felt all of their pain
A performance beautiful and complex
And when nothing remained
But exhaustion, she did not drop to the floor
But rested her body, bruised now and sore
Yet still unbroken even through the birth of a nation
And though blessed with the privilege of mothering creation
She also had the wisdom to know when to lay
Until the sun rose again and she’d dance another day…
Copyright © 2010 Danee Riggs. All rights reserved.

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