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No! Not My Makeup!!


by Tennille Price

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASure, we love our makeup products and sometimes we just don’t want to let them go, however, we must!  Not to worry, there are more lipsticks, lip gloss and such in the sea.  Here’s a go-to guide of when to hold on to your products and when to Just. Let. Go….


Lip Color:  2 years
Mascara:  3 months
Foundation:  Powder (2 years); Liquid and Cream (12 months)
Blush and Eye shadow:  1 to 2 years
Eyeliner:  Liquid (3 months); Pencil (2-3 years)
Nail Polish:  1 year


Beauty Note:  Remember, if any of your products start to smell bad, turn white, start to separate or the consistency changes, THROW IT AWAY.  J


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