Nicole Huff, Emerging Star of “Tiny Pretty Things”

By Esha Bargate

Photography: Jaylyn Todd

Stylist: Rebecca Wengle

Filipino-Canadian actress, dancer, and singer Nicole Huff started her career in entertainment at the age of 6. Her childhood was a very active one. “I had a lot of energy growing up, and I was trying to sing and dance around the house,” she said. Huff’s parents fed off her raw energy and her mom enrolled her in many different activities, including ballet, jazz, and figure skating, to name a few.

Following a talent pageant, Huff’s parents were encouraged by others to get her a talent agent which led to her landing her first audition. “I started training heavily in acting,” she said. “I love making people happy, I love making people smile, and I love telling stories.” Huff is also a classically trained singer, pianist, and violinist. she has appeared in numerous commercials and television shows, including “Life and Derek” (Family Channel), “Jon Dore” (The Comedy Network), “Best Friends Forever” (Film Festivals), and many more.

Huff currently stars in the Netflix drama, “Tiny Pretty Things,” as Paige Aquino, a corps dancer. Created by Michael MacLennan, the series is based on the novel “Tiny Pretty Things” written by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. It’s a story about The Archer School of Ballet, where a suspicious incident occurs, and students have suddenly fallen into a severe investigation.

Huff is happy to be part of the show. When she found out she got the role, she bought the novel and read it. “When I read the story, I found out that my character Paige isn’t in the novel,” Huff said. “Paige Aquino was written into the series. The novel, however, helped Huff to understand the feel of the series.

The plot of “Tiny Pretty Things” doesn’t follow the traditional rules for suspense and thrillers. The series revolves around an elite ballet academy in Chicago and focuses on students, instructors, and administrators. In the show, the actors, not doubles, perform the dancing. “I’ve never done a suspense thrilling dance drama,” Huff said, “and it makes it more interesting.”

Being around elite students and contemporary dancers was an exciting and incredible experience for Huff. Her background in the performing arts gives her flexibility to both act and dance.

Huff also guest stars in “Pretty Hard Cases” on CBC which premiered on Feb. 3. In the action-packed Canadian police drama Huff plays the character Alina Taylor. Huff is excited about her character and the show.

Huff has been working on other ambitious projects. Currently she is pursuing taking her singing to the next level.  “I’m working on my original music and working with a producer who has worked with Britney Spears and Michael Jackson,” said Huff.


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