New Year, NOOM You!

By Shawn Stuldivant – Editor in Chief

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Happy New Year Bronze beauties! A new year presents an opportunity to start fresh and crush your personal goals in 2020. How many of you have placed losing weight on your New year’s resolution list? It’s high on my list every year. Weight loss is not easily attainable for most, and it takes more than just dieting to keep the weight off permanently. Exercise, portion control, mental support, and food logging each play a role in achieving this. Adding at least one of these lifestyle changes to your daily routine can make a difference and put you on the road to success in your weight loss journey.

There are lots of apps, programs, tools and products available that promote weight loss. Unfortunately, there are some that promise unrealistic results. One program that promises life-long results is Noom. Noom is a NYC- based health and wellness company that offers a mobile weight loss program backed by behavioral psychologists. Their program provides personalized support through virtual coaching, courses and progress tracking for optimal results. I haven’t had the opportunity to try Noom yet, but I’ve seen enough of their commercials and ads to pique my interest in giving them a try. Their mission of helping to build healthier habits for weight loss is very inspiring. And since I’ve lost a few pounds on my own recently, Noom’s 14 day trial would be a great way of finding out if the program is a good fit for my lifestyle. My main goal for this year though is to not only lose the weight, but to make sure that I can keep it off.  I refuse to allow this to be another failed new year resolution. Instead, I plan to celebrate a new year and a new me!

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