New Dove Hair Therapy Collection for Winter Damaged Hair With Dove Stylist Mark Townsend

By Paola Sacerdote

Bronze Beauties, winter is here and we have noticed it on our skin and hair! Dove has something new and exciting for all hair types this winter: New Dove Hair Therapy Collection, a collection of premium haircare solutions inspired by skincare that goes to hair’s cellular level with potent moisturizers and nourishing ingredients for beautiful, healthy-looking strands and refreshed scalp from the first use. In a recent Q&A, Dove Stylist Mark Townsend provides a deeper look into dry damaged hair and the care needed to achieve strong healthy hair.

Skin and hair home remedies are a huge practice today. Do they work better than store products?

I love testing out home remedies, but I always find that store products work better because their formulas are specifically crafted based on science and lots of testing. Some ingredients you just can’t find in your kitchen! For example, I’m loving that Dove’s new Hydration Spa Shampoo & Conditioner are formulated with Hyaluronic Serum, which is a super popular skincare ingredient. As well as Dove’s new hair mask has minerals and white clay to fortify your hair.

What are some causes of dry scalp and hair?

Dry scalp can be caused by environmental factors, such as cold air. Dryness is very common in the winter because of the cold air and lack of humidity. When there is little moisture on your skin, your scalp can start flaking and become irritated. The Dove Dry Scalp Care three-step system is the perfect solution for those experiencing dry scalp. The Vitamin B3 helps lock in moisture in the scalp to prevent flaking. Dry hair can also be caused by cold, dry air, as well as heat damage. Styling with hot tools can dry out your hair and cause breakage. Another culprit is washing your hair too frequently because it can strip your hair of its natural oils, which help keep hair hydrated. Women with textured hair are especially prone to dry hair, so it’s important to limit wash days and use a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically formulated to hydrate your strands, like Dove Hydration Spa or Dove Amplified Textures.

What are the products Dove is introducing in the Dove Hair Therapy collection?

  • Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Remedy
    • Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-On Treatment
    • Formulated with Nutrient-Lock Serum and offers 97% less breakage when used as a three-step system
  • Dove Hair Therapy Dry Scalp Care
    • Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-On Treatment
    • Formulated with Vitamin B3 and clinically proven to reduce scalp dryness when used as a three-step system for two weeks
  • Dove Hydration Spa
    • Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Formulated with Hyaluronic Serum for 24-hour hydration lock

Dove Hair Therapy Collection has a three-step system to healthier hair. What are these steps?

Dove Hair Therapy has two different three-step systems, each addressing a different hair health concern. Dove Dry Scalp Care, which consists of a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment is perfect for anyone experiencing a dry, irritated scalp. Not only is the system clinically proven to reduce scalp dryness, but it also provides major hydration and nourishment for the rest of your hair, thanks to the Vitamin B3. Dove Breakage Remedy, which also consists of a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment, is recommended for women with fine to medium hair experiencing breakage. This system is specially formulated to boost hair fiber strength to prevent breakage.

Is Dove Hair Therapy Collection good for all hair textures?

Yes, Dove Hair Therapy has something for everyone! Dove Hair Therapy Hydration Spa is best for medium to thick coarse or textured hair – those tend to be the hair types most in need of moisture. Dove Hair Therapy works for anyone with a dry scalp. Dove Breakage Remedy is recommended for those with fine to medium hair but is not recommended for women with thick, coarse hair.

Which product from the collection is your favorite, and why?

I love the Hydration Spa Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve used it on myself and my clients. You can feel a difference in the hair after just one wash. The Hyaluronic Serum creates a barrier around each strand to lock in moisture, so your hair just feels so soft, smooth and hydrated.

What is Dove’s secret to healthier hair?

I can’t spill all the secrets, but Dove across all its categories, is known for its moisturizing benefits and gentle nourishment. As a stylist, I can say that dry and damaged hair is the number one hair concern I see on my clients. Moisturization is so important for healthy hair, and it’s something that Dove prioritizes in each of its shampoo and conditioner formulas. 

What is you best hair advice for dry damaged hair?

I have two pieces of advice. Don’t wash your hair too frequently. Over-shampooing your hair can strip the scalp and strands of their natural oils, which help keep hair hydrated. This can cause hair to become dry and brittle. Instead, when you do wash your hair (I recommend every 2-3 days for fine-medium hair and 5-7 days for thicker, curly hair) choose a shampoo like Dove Hydration Spa to hydrate your strands while cleaning them too. Use a conditioner that specifically targets damage. My all-time favorite conditioner is Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner because it actively repairs surface damage while fortifying the hair to prevent future breakage.

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