NEW Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Questions Answered

By Paola Sacerdote

Renowned beauty expert and Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba sat with us to chat about Dove’s New Advanced Care Antiperspirant formula. The iconic beauty brand has released a solution for beating sweat and odor underneath the arms. The new formula is a combination of sweat- and odor-busting technology and a variety of skincare ingredients that cares for your skin for up to 48 hours while leaving you with soft and comfortable underarms with every use. During our chat, Dr. Barbara discussed the benefits of this newly advanced product and the importance of finding a deodorant or antiperspirant that works best for your skin!

Bronze Magazine: What should be considered when looking for the best deodorant for your body type?

Dr. Barba: First, understand the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Are you lucky that you don’t sweat much and all you need is a deodorant to mask the smell? Or do you need an antiperspirant to block the sweat because you feel that you have body odor? And for those of us who feel that the issue is both wetness and body odor, we need a true antiperspirant, so you will want to look for a product that’s labelled antiperspirant deodorant because we also want to smell good as we are delivering the antiperspirant aspect and then obviously choose the fragrance that you prefer.

Bronze Magazine: What are some misconceptions of antiperspirants?

Dr. Barba: One misconception is that a one-time application is good enough. If you’re having a problem with body odor, you may need to apply it twice. Another misconception is that aluminum chloride’s blocking of sweat underneath the arms is bad because the toxins don’t get released. The body has so many other sweat glands where toxins can be released including the palms, the head and the bottom of your feet that blocking the little bit of sweat underneath the arms that produces odor is not preventing your body from releasing toxins.

Bronze Magazine: Should women of color think differently when choosing a deodorant?

Dr. Barba: I’m a Dermatologist in Miami, so about 70 percent of my patients are women of color. We are particularly good at dealing with different conditions that women come in for, a lot of cases being hyperpigmentation, whether from acne, underneath the arms or melasma. Women of color should make sure that the product doesn’t sting during application. If you think you’re a little sensitive then shave at night, let the skin heal overnight, and then apply a deodorant antiperspirant in the morning.

Bronze Magazine: How is the NEW Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant different from any other antiperspirant Dove has released?

Dr. Barba: It is a better product due to the addition of sunflower seed oil and natural ingredients which improve moisturization. All Dove products contain 1/4 moisturizer, which Dermatologists believe helps hair and skin look its best. 

Bronze Magazine: What are some underarm beauty tips?

Dr. Barba: Be very gentle to the skin underneath your arms by practicing care when pressing while shaving. You may exfoliate while shaving but do not over-exfoliate that area with extra polishes and scrubs because it can lead to hyperpigmentation. I am constantly educating on best beauty habits so that we are taking care of sensitive skin and not causing inflammation.

Bronze Magazine: Is it safe to use the dry spray and the deodorant stick together?

Dr. Barba: Yes, you can use both! The dry spray now contains 10 percent more sunflower seed oil and is alcohol-free, so there will not be an issue. Sometimes people ask if it can be used in other places, but I do not recommend it as it’s meant for the skin underneath your arms.

Bronze Magazine: How effective is the antiperspirant on a beach or pool day?

Dr. Barba: It will last, but if you are in the water too long it will more than likely wash off and the aluminum salts will get dissolved from the sweat glands, so you may have to reapply; and that’s ok.

Bronze Magazine: Does the new Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant work well for all body types? And who should not use an antiperspirant?

Dr. Barba: Yes, it works well for anyone who sweats. Anyone who has an allergic reaction to any of the active ingredients such as redness or itchiness should not use an antiperspirant. You may also want to see a Dermatologist because sometimes we patch test to see what you might be allergic to, such as a fragrance or something else.

Paola Sacerdote: Thank you to Dr. Barba and her team for allowing me to discuss the new Dove product and explaining in depth the benefits of antiperspirants. Dr. Barba introduced Betsy Kurkim of the Unilever R&D department who performed a demo showing the moisturization effects of the NEW Dove Advanced Care Anitperspirant product. I received their antiperspirant deodorant spray and stick to try and I am loving the product! They both apply very smoothly and the smell of rose petals is especially pleasing! My underarms feel more protected from sweat thanks to Dove.


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