By contributor Phaedra Anderson


Our mission is to NEVER, NEVER leave a sistah behind, so with that in mind let’s go for a brief tour and I’ll give you the LAWS of the LAND:

          NEVER think more highly of yourself, than what you really are

          Because pride proceeds the fall of even the greatest star

          But NEVER doubt yourself and say “That you can’t”

          Because if you thought that you could, then there’s a chance that you

          Always be independent and do for yourself

          NEVER leave it up to the next man to secure your wealth

          NEVER play second field, when your place is on a throne

          Sistah, you are a queen

          NEVER take the position as a pawn

          NEVER settle for less, when you deserve the best

          And NEVER, NEVER lower God’s standards, just to please the rest

Now that concludes our tour for the day. I hope that you enjoyed yourself, as much as, I did! We at NEVER NEVER LAND appreciate you spending time with us and it is our prayer that you NEVER, NEVER forget the LAWS of the LAND and that you apply them to your daily lives, but if they should ever slip your mind, our doors are open from Nevruary – Nevruary, so you always have full access to NEVER NEVER LAND, whose mission is to NEVER, NEVER leave a sistah behind.

God bless,
Phaedra Anderson

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