National Best-Selling Author Erika Latanya Starts a Cosmetics Line Named after her Publishing Company, Dear Diary

By Patrice Rivers

National Bestselling Author, Erika Latanya is a serial storyteller who hails from the Washington, D.C. metro area. Her love for writing started at the early age of 8yrs old when she received her very first diary. From then on, she penned short stories and poetry. Erika expresses that writing is a form of therapy. It gives her the opportunity to express and share her imagination with the world.  

Erika is also the proud owner of Dear Diary Publishing and Dear Diary Cosmetics. She’s been featured in various publications such as Sheen Magazine, Swagher Magazine and the Los Angeles Wave Newspaper to name a few.

PATRICE RIVERS: I know that your publishing company is named Dear Diary Publishing, so what inspired you to name your cosmetic line after that?

ERIKA LATANYA: I decided to name my cosmetics line after my publishing company (Dear Diary) because both businesses are an extension of me and my love for writing the stories that mean something to me. My goal is to be an entrepreneur and create a mini empire. I want everything to be in sync.

PATRICE: How long has your cosmetic brand been around?

ERIKA: Dear Diary Cosmetics is brand new and slowly growing.

PATRICE: On your website you display three different types of lip-glosses. Are there any other items that will be displayed on the website later on this year?

ERIKA: Yes. Later this year I plan to introduce eye shadow palettes.

PATRICE: Being in the make-up industry line, it can be challenging having several products that business owners can sell, so what makes Dear Diary Cosmetics stand out amongst others?

ERIKA: Dear Diary Cosmetics is about the concept and what it represents. Most women have had a diary full of her many expressions. Our diary is where we could be ourselves and not be judged. I want women to feel the exact same way whenever they use a product from Dear Diary Cosmetics. We as women express ourselves with the use of makeup too.

PATRICE: Are there any future plans with your cosmetic line? If so what are they?

ERIKA: Yes. My plans for the company are still in the deciding factor.

PATRICE: How do you juggle being an author and focus on your publishing company? Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs on multi-tasking two businesses? 

ERIKA: I’m the only author under my roster as of now. I write books as I feel led while focusing on other areas.

PATRICE: Because Dear Diary Cosmetics is still fairly new to everyone, what are your marketing plans to push the line to the next level? 

ERIKA: I’ll be doing more ads in the future along with doing grab bags aka swag bags for events.

PATRICE: Do you plan to sell your products to online retailers as well and in stores?

ERIKA: Maybe, only if the opportunity presents itself.

PATRICE: For potential customers, what is your website where people can buy your products? 


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