MV Travel Mixer: Travel Well + Be Well Shines in Oak Bluffs

Photography: @sweetteetime

Every summer, the Black elite descend upon Martha’s Vineyard, to Oak Bluffs specifically, a small residential, resort community located on the northeast shore of the island.

Well-known for Inkwell Beach and its unique “gingerbread cottages,” it is one of the most exclusive African American vacation spots that came to be following slavery, when freed slaves purchased land in the 1800s and their descendants also bought up land in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Few inns on the island welcomed black travelers (until the late 1960s), apart from Oak Bluffs, which attracted affluent black tourists from New York, Boston and Washington and notables including New York Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Harlem Renaissance writer Dorothy West and singer/actor Paul Robeson.

Today, Oak Bluffs continues to be a summer sanctuary where prominent and wealthy Blacks and the middle-class assemble every year to capture the joy and the very essence of Black community via a host of private, invitation-only events, parties, and entertainment.

Even former President Obama owns a home on the island where he recently celebrated his 60th birthday.

Another amazing celebration on Martha’s Vineyard that recently took place was the social reception MV Travel Mixer: Travel Well + Be Well Edition, which celebrated some of the most alluring brands within the travel, health, and wellness space.

The yearly event was hosted by Yaya Rey, CEO of YA IndieGround House Mgmt and took place at the beautiful outdoor venue Sailing Camp Park in Oak Bluffs, connecting travelers through a healthy active lifestyle to learn, grow and inspire each other.

Guests enjoy catered food, cocktails, and networking in a spectacular setting as they celebrated the successes of the year and look forward to what the future holds.

Featured guest speakers included international best-selling author, adjunct lecturer, award-winning businesswoman, Harvard certified rhetorician, certified personal and professional development coach Darlene Williams (pictured below on left) whose newly released book The Higher Level Method was enjoyed by guests, and Author, Mental Health Specialist, and certified youth First Aider, Ashley Sides Johnson (pictured below on right).

Catering by Chef Deon, The Three-Island Chef

Sponsors included:



Suzy Levian

Marvelous Waters

SoFi Paper

HH Bespoke Collection





Assert Your Essence


Shea Bébé Organics

Beautiful Amore Skincare

Venture Wipes

RSP Nutrition

ZEN By Esnavi


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