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Music Breakdown-Queen Naija

By Meagan Bess

As Queen Naija fans await an album in this new decade, it is best to acknowledge all the work she has made thus far. Having amassed over four million subscribers on her YouTube channel with over two million on her family channel, Queen Naija is still an artist on the rise. Her vocal range is impeccable. She has a fun personality and doesn’t shy away from her belief in God. This artist is one to watch this year and in the coming years.

Queen Naija has several songs from 2018 to 2019 that have a lot of meaning behind them. Since there will eventually be an arrival of new music, here is a breakdown of each song and their meanings.


Nominated for iHeart Radio Music Award for R&B Song of the Year, this single first dropped in 2018. This mother of now two boys was at the time a mother of her oldest son having departed from a relationship with her oldest father’s son. This song represents heartbreak, betrayal and pain. “You tell me love me, but I ain’t feeling it lately,” hits listeners with a person upset with their lover. There isn’t a sense of the betrayal until further down in the song. Then we hear the words “Come in at six in the morning, where you been, where you been? Who is that texting your phone? Just a friend, just a friend (okay).” Here, listeners’ mouths hang ajar as they are left to wonder how the situation between those involved in a relationship has left the woman to assume the man is fooling around. The next verse mentions the phrase “My institution never lies,” making us believe she knows something that her partner thinks she wouldn’t. Later she mentions that she “Already got the screenshots,” making us believe she has the evidence that the betrayal of cheating has occurred and that lying won’t make it any better.

Further into the song it goes from pain to payback. She states, “Give another guy everything that belongs to you,” allowing us to see that she knows other people too and feels she can find someone that loves her better. This medicine doesn’t cure the situation, but rather shows a side that closure came even though hurt was involved.

Watching the music video gives a better depiction of this song. One of the men in the video represents Queen Naija’s former husband, while her current boyfriend is later seen in a shot being the replacement for her new boo, who is more than just a fling.

To see the singer’s take on the song, head over to YouTube and watch a video on Genius’ page where she sat with them and broke down the song.


This song was also released in 2018. This is another single that was dropped that is also on her EP alongside “Medicine.” The song begins by telling us the story of this situation stating, “I held you down for the longest, and I was there for all of your darkest moments.” Assuming this is a relationship where there have been times where life brought some harsh moments and the singer shares being there for the person. Then there is a shift in treatment where the role of the man is not being as helpful as we hear the words “talking about you wanted something new, like I wasn’t good enough for you.” The harshness of this line is severe as the woman is helping the man, but it is not being reciprocated. It is as if the woman is not worthy of this man’s love anymore. She even makes him see what she has done for him saying, “Cause obviously you forgot all the times that I held you when you cried.” These vulnerable moments might not be what people want shared, but it shows how this woman has been devoted to him and the relationship. She lets it be known why the man should be just as invested. The following verse allows us to see the resignation she makes stating, “You made it clear that you’re unhappy, yeah. Go ahead and have your fun now. Just remember what goes around comes around.” What seems like a woman trying to fight for the relationship quickly dwindles into recognition of what the man has done against her. And in this case, she should be upset about not being the center of his life anymore. She steps back and says, “maybe I should have loved me first.” For anyone, self-love is key to know who you are and who you want to be involved with.

Mama’s Hand

This song can be found on the EP as well. It is dedicated to her oldest son CJ, who can be heard in the beginning of the song talking to his mother. She brings listeners to tears and feelings of stating “aw” multiple times before the song is even through. She sings “When I first laid eyes on you. When I heard your heartbeat too, oh I never knew I could witness an angel so beautiful.” She holds high value to her son and being her first born, she knew in that moment as a newborn he would be her everything. And that is made known as she states, “I will cross any ocean before I let you land. Just hold on to mama’s hand and never let it go.” Having him near and physically holding onto him brings her joy. As a young child innocent to many things up to a certain age, she values that time with him. Hopefully a song will be dedicated to her youngest son Legend on her next album.


Featured on the EP, this song breaks a swift change in emotions. The words begin by sharing the unreluctance to move on so quickly. These lyrics are healing as she sings, “And I guess it’s safe to say, you take my pain away.” Having the ability to trust a person quicker and easier than others says a lot. It speaks volumes that this person has value in her life. And the hope is that the person gives the same value.

Bad Boy

The same rhythm is in this song. This woman feels that she would be a good match for this man. Their chemistry happened too quickly and she wants it to last and become more than any other relationship she has had before. It’s a fun and catchy song that will keep you singing along.

Away From You

This single released in 2019 makes listeners wonder if this is a good or bad relationship she wants to get away from. Though she has the feelings of “Every time I think of leaving you I go insane,” we learn quickly that she can’t get enough of him and time can’t change that.

Good Morning Text

As this latest single dropped before the new decade, we await new songs to jam to. Here we see that Queen Naija sings as if she might be more in love with her man than he is with her. That even a simple text isn’t given to acknowledge someone that he loves. Making memories with the person you love should never get old, but here listeners wonder what has happened for the man to distance himself. With no clear explanation, we’re left wondering all while placing the song on replay.

Queen Naija is a mastermind of music. Her lyrical abilities are mind-blowing. She has proven that she is an artist to keep on the radar. What she brings next will be worth talking about. For details on future music and to keep up with her YouTube journey, follow her on Instagram @queennaija.

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