Model Spotlight: Mia Marie Grissom

Confident and Driven. Mia Marie Grissom. Born to a fashionable mother and a humorous father in Los Angeles, CA. She is the youngest of 2 siblings and grew up with a childhood full of happiness and memorable life lessons. Mia comes from a family who values love, strength, and a drive for success.

At the age of 17, Mia chose to remain in Los Angeles to attend college. While in college, Mia quotes, “College is a place where I had the opportunity to grow and challenge myself to be the best student and woman by pushing myself to be the greatest ever!” She worked hard and earned her college degree with a major in Administration of Justice.

Mia has a personality full of genuine sunshine that comes along with a charming smile! She has a beautiful sense of humor and loves to laugh her way through life. She keeps a small circle of close friends she’s had since she was 17. She overcame many obstacles in her life and has learned not to sweat the small stuff and appreciate everything life has to offer. She does not hesitate to offer great advice when asked, she is a great listener and a well rounded thinker.

To set goals is an important factor in her life, which as been taught by her teachers and mother since she was in elementary school. As of today, she is still setting goals. One of her goals is to become a model as well as a role model for young girls. Mia has a high interest in fashion, makeup, hair, culture, and traveling. Mia loves to keep herself busy and willing to learn new projects. She says “Life is like one big classroom!” Mia has high hopes of visiting Italy and Paris, which she knows with her faith and drive, one day she will get there.

Mia has a soft heart for young girls to instill confidence in young girls and women. She wants young girls and women to know beauty starts inside and it will reflect on the outside. She believes women are precious powerful jewels. Mia’s goal is to have a platform as a model to scream her message to young girls and women all over the world. “You are beautiful precious jewels!”

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  • jamea adam
    December 22, 2011 at 5:54 am

    She is an attractive model.


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