Model & Scientist Adaire Byerly Raising Awareness on Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace

By Shiri Marwaha

Adair, a former model and now CEO/Founder of Entertainment Mindframe noticed a lack of importance on mental health firsthand at her work.

In the competitive world of modelling, she felt something was missing despite a successful career — her mental health seemed at its lowest and she was not happy.

In this competitive world we all neglect the mind, which is vital for our well-being.

To understand the mind better she formally studied for six years, earned a license and now works as a facilitator in cognitive behavioral therapy in the company she founded. She teaches people to focus on mental health and raising awareness about its benefits in creative thinking at work.

Focusing on the mind, guiding it and being aware of its potential power helps humans live a balanced life, according to Adair.

According to her, our brain has the ability to constantly change so we as humans need to learn more about it to optimize its potential and navigate through challenges in life. To achieve that the brain needs to be nurtured and cared for first.

This awareness, “Puts you in ultimate control, because now, you can control your thoughts, and you can control your behavior,” Adair said.

There are a few ways to care for the mind and Adair suggests a few remedies like breathing. “Even though it sounds very cliche, it actually calms your entire nervous system, your parasympathetic nervous system that controls your fight or flight response. So, you’re automatically calming down.”

She said most of us face or go through mental trauma daily; and to take time to practice deep breathing techniques. This creates a distance and provides space from the stressful situation. The space helps people think objectively and logically maneuver out of the situation.

“Don’t let the mind dictate your day, but take control of it, go for a walk or run. Just a 20-to-30-minute physical activity releases happy and motivational hormones and puts one in a better mood.”

In addition to regular exercise, a healthy diet composed of fruits and vegetables is beneficial. If eating a nutritious and balanced diet is challenging, then supplements that offer vitamins are a way to get these benefits, she said.

Furthermore, Adair said that more awareness needs to be created about the power of mind and benefits of mental health. She hopes to bring this awareness into society at an early age and introduce it as a course work in colleges that would lead to jobs in colleges.

Upon being asked if the importance of the benefits of the human brain to our well-being needs more attention, she said the information should spread all over the country starting from grassroot to national level.

 She wants to go big with this idea– “I’m like, maybe I should go a little bit bigger in what I was originally thinking,” Adair said.

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