Minister Morgan Sparks a Movement

By Tiarsha Harrison

Morgan Tracy James explains how being without actually helped shaped her into the successful woman she is now. “I’m from a small town called Broken Bow in Oklahoma and I grew up with two siblings, my mom and my stepdad. It was not easy and we did without a lot of things like hot water, electricity and things like that at a time, but it helped mold me into who I am today!”

Morgan’s vision of a ministry took off her senior year, April 2017, at the only historically black college in Oklahoma, Langston University. The name of her ministry, His Daughter’s Closet came from the scripture in the Bible, Mark 5:34. “I used His Daughter’s Closet to reveal when we try to put on clothes from the old season instead we should clean out our closets (heart & mind) and embrace the new version of us in Jesus Christ.” 

His Daughter’s Closet is giving young women a voice for those who feel lost or are seeking out their own personal journey of finding out who they are. “I believe young women need Jesus the most. The power and favor we experience when we give our lives to God are out of this world. That is why I create for the young woman. The woman confused about where she is headed, the young woman working on a degree that she doesn’t even like, the young single mother, the young stay-at-home mom and the young woman with a vision. I create for them because it’s easy to feel like we don’t have a purpose, but the truth is we do, we just got away from it.”

On her website, Morgan provides advice on how to choose better versions and implementation of practices. She also shares weekly encouraging messages via her YouTube Channel. One topic that stood out tremendously was her video about embracing celibacy. “I was truly fed up with only feeling loved when I was laying under a man and fed up with being good enough to lay with, but not to put a ring on it. So, I finally just said my way is clearly not working, so God, I will try it your way! I truly put a lot of my success to that one decision of celibacy. It got rid of all the distractions and it allowed me to use wisdom in all my relationships. It protected me! Celibacy doesn’t change your relationship status, it changes your life. That one act of obedience has birthed an entire ministry!”

Strength, obedience and being open to change can alter your life and destiny! “After that one encounter, I found myself seeking more truth. My college life has changed, I went from being the party girl strolling at the latest event to preaching sermons! God changed me!”

Morgan has shaped the ministry and based it around Jesus. It has been nothing but successful! “While doing outreach projects for the youth, I also hosted an annual prom dress drive for teens in Oklahoma and participated in a vision board party event with Youth Girls Shelters.”

The heart of the ministry is to help women become confident in their God-given purpose. Morgan provides encouragement through weekly Youtube videos @Morgan Tracy J and she is very active on Instagram @morgantracyj.

Morgan wants others to know: “God isn’t misogynistic, but He loves us and accepts us. Come to Him young; why go through the valley for forty years when you can get to your land of milk and honey sooner. I want young people to trust and believe that God has more for their life than they can think or imagine. Also, I want them to know in their hearts that Jesus accepts them, even when our family, friends, exes, or colleagues don’t, Jesus does, and nothing we can do can take that away!”

His Daughter’s Closet has accomplished a lot but, in the future,, Morgan hopes to build a monthly membership site for community and sisterhood, create women and youth empowerment events in low-income areas. The movement can be found and followed at

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