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Well known for her “Stylin’ on Em” catchphrase, Felisha Monet of Miami’s 99 Jamz (South Florida’s only hip hop and R&B station)  has a style as a radio personality and individual that surpasses many of the looks seen on runways around the world.  But it’s her passion for charitable causes that makes Felisha such a powerful force in her community as she enjoys working with local and national outreach and research programs.  Bronze Magazine caught up with Miss Monet to chat about the recent talent showcase she hosted on behalf of Butterfly Idolz and the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. The goal was to raise awareness for lupus, a life-threatening disease affecting over 1.5 million Americans, causing considerable damage to any vital organ of the body.
The event, which took place on Friday April 8th also helped to create self-condidence for the participating children, who showcased their talents for a good cause.
BM: Hello Felisha, thank you for taking time out to speak with us today.  You are one of the hottest on-air personalities in South Florida.  Please tell us about your passion for national outreach and research programs?

FM: Well thank you…I like that title “hottest” lol but yes I am very passionate about outreach/research programs especially when they are benefitting the youth! I love the kids and however I can help or lend a voice to the movement I will.  As a mother I feel like I have an obligation and especially as a “voice” here in S. Floriday media.

BM: What kind of impact has your involvement for such charitable causes had on the community?

FM: Well, I’m not sure if it’s “my” impact per say…but it’s more of a collective effort.  The station I work for, 99 Jamz, WEDR is very supportive of my involvement within the community and encourages all of us to become more involved.  Dealing with kids, the impact I see, is their enthusiasm and excitement when they see people who they look up to become involved.  I have to shout out to all the non-profit organizations that are continuing to create an awareness and support system for kids.

BM: You hosted the 2011 Butterfly Idolz talent showcase for kids on April 8th at Volunteer Park.  Can you tell us the purpose and/or goal of this event? What was the outcome?

FM: Yes! and I had so much fun! I was so honored when Ashley, Co-Founder of Butterfly Idolz asked me to host.  The purpose of Butterfly Idolz was to bring awareness to Lupus.  It was actually a talent showcase for kids ages 5-16.  And the kids were amazing.  So much talent hit that stage.  Some kids performed original pieces.  One performer touched me the most.  He was a 15 year old boy dealing with not just the pressures of being a teenager, but also one that has Lupus.  Hearing the passion and that raw honesty in his voice had me in tears.  Right now there is no cure for Lupus, and it affects alot of people.  So this event was to not only bring awareness but also to raise money towards finding a cure.  People have lost their lives to Lupus and in remembrance of those people, and honoring their families.  we released butterflies! it was beautiful!

BM: Can you tell us about any other humanitarian efforts that you are involved in and why?

FM: Well right now I volunteer at the Jack and Jill Center of Broward.  It not only provides day care services to kids, but they also provide support services for the parents as well.  A lot of the kids come from single parent low income households, and as a single mother I know how hard it is to balance work and motherhood.  But I have an amazing support system; however some women do not, so the Jack and Jill Center provides that support.

BM: Do you have any other upcoming events that you would like to share with us?

FM: Yes, Easter Sunday I am hosting The Legends Easter Fete aka Swag Jamz for kids at Miramar Park.  And I’m getting ready for the Memorial Day events here in Miami.  Big things are coming! Also get ready for the launch of my website coming soon. And of course make sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest updates on events I’m hosting @FelishaMonet…oh yes and please listen to 99 Jamz Mon-Thur 6p-10p, Sat 11a-3p, and Sun 12a-3a too…online at

BM: Can you please share contact information for the Lupus Foundation of America in case there are those who would still like to donate to this organization and cause?

FM: Yes is the Florida Southeast chapter.  You can also visit as well.  Thank You.

BM: Thank you so much Felisha, it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you.  We wish you continued success in all that you do.

FM: No, thank you for taking the time to reach out! Thank you again

Article Source Acknowledgement: Thank you GoodGirl PR for providing us with this interview opportunity

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