Meet the Founder of Cre8tiveVisionz

By Tiarsha Harrison

Schmeldrine St Fleury, founder of Cre8tiveVisionz has a very creative and humble story on how her business got started! What started as having difficulty figuring out what to give her daughter’s teachers during Appreciation Week and always being super crafty, Schmeldrine embarked on a new journey with the amazing encouragement from her husband, Gympson St Fleury. Cre8tiveVisionz offers 3D custom cards, personalized cards, explosion towers and explosion boxes for any occasion. It makes up the perfect gift idea for somebody special! I caught up with Schmeldrine to find out more about her inspiration behind Cre8tiveVisionz and the impact it has been making in the lives of others around her.

Tiarsha Harrison: Did you ever think that you’d make your own creative business because you’ve always been a crafty person?

Schmeldrine St. Fleury: Honestly, no! I simply enjoyed crafting and making party favors for friends and family. A business aspect never crossed my mind until my husband encouraged me. And even then, I still hesitated with actually starting it.

TH: What made you come up with the amazing and unique name Cre8tiveVisionz?

SSF: I wanted to associate my talent with the name of my business. I know that I can get highly creative. My imagination runs wild with crazy ideas and I love bringing them to life. I enjoy seeing a thought transform into a product. So, I combined the two together to make Cre8tiveVisionz! I added the number 8 instead of an A to make it stand out more.

TH: How has your brand evolved and what impact has social media had on its evolution?

SSF: It has truly been a blessing to see the growth within Cre8tiveVisionz. I went from having a couple of orders a month, sometimes none, to being booked almost every month now. Referrals are major with us, as well as being tagged by our clients. That’s how we are gradually becoming known to others in different areas.

TH: In your opinion, what is the importance of staying positive in today’s society?

SSF: I believe it is extremely important to love and trust your craft! Whatever it may be, love your growth, celebrate your milestones, and never compare yourself to anyone else. Comparison plants negative seeds. At one point, I found myself a little discouraged because I wasn’t gaining followers or getting as much orders as the next and that didn’t benefit me at all because it almost cost me my drive and the love I have for crafting.

TH: How has the pandemic affected your business?

SSF: Surprisingly, the pandemic did the complete opposite for me. Due to shutdowns and everything being closed, people had to find unique ways to celebrate their love ones and Cre8tiveVisionz has been able to provide that for them. Something different and unique during a time they can’t do their normal.

TH: What are your upcoming goals for the near future?

SSF: Nothing major. Our desire is to continue to grow and reach areas and states we have yet to reach. We are looking forward to doing more Giveaways and give out more Cre8tiveVisionz Bliss.

TH: Who has been your biggest motivation throughout the Cre8tiveVisionz process?

SSF: My biggest motivation goes to my number 1 fan, my husband. He speaks confidence and prosperity daily over me and my business. There is not a moment he doesn’t bring up Cre8tiveVisionz to some stranger. And he constantly reminds me of how proud he is and to not give up.

You can find this thriving business on the following social media platforms! Support black owned businesses.

Instagram: @cre8tivevisionz

Facebook: cre8tivevisionz


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