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Marvel Announces New Black Panther Movie

Chadwick Boseman resized

Marvel has outdone itself when it announced eight new movies that will be coming out from 2015 though 2019. Among eight of those new films will be The Black Panther, which is is the first black super hero to appear in mainstream comics. Chadwick Boseman, who recently played Jackie Robinson in “42″ and James Brown in “Get On Up,” is set to play the role of the Black Panther. The film isn’t set to premiere until November 3, 2017 but has already gotten a lot of buzz in the media. Some of the other films that are coming out are Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, The Inhumans, and the third and final part of The Avengers.

Black Panther
According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, Boseman’s Black Panther will be a big part of “Captain America: Civil War.” It was previously revealed that the third Captain America film would focus on the Marvel Civil War storyline and feature Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark as an antagonist, of sorts.

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