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Phaedra L. Williams with Laila Ali applying Phaedra Beauty make-up

“Don’t follow the rules, make them”
~ Phaedra L. Williams
Thinking outside the box is something Phaedra L. Williams has always done.  As a
successful professional make-up artist in the beauty and entertainment industry, and owner of Phaedra Brow and Beauty, Phaedrea has continuously pushed the envelope in order to fulfill her love for her craft.  Her work has been seen on several television shows, music videos, and in countless magazines such as Glamour, Sports Illustrated Women, Heart and Soul, Ebony and Essence to name a few.  We were delighted that Phaedra decided to share about herself and her talent with us as well, in order to inspire other women as well to always reach for their goals and dreams no matter what challenges lie ahead.
BM: Hello Phaedra, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us.  Please tell us, when and where did you discover the art of make-up?
PW: It was the early 90’s.  I was living in Cleveland, Ohio at the time.  I was co-creator of this local modeling troupe.  We would produce fashion shows, showcasing local designers and boutiques.  One day we needed to have a photo shoot with some of the models and we didn’t have a make-up artist.  I knew I was good with color theory with my art background from high school so I was like, I’ll do it.  And once I did, I fell in love with it.  Within a year I was moving to Los Angeles to do make-up professionally. 
BM: How easy or hard was it to break into such a competitive industry?
PW: It definitely wasn’t easy.  You really do have to pay your dues.  I did a lot of free to low-budget work in the beginning.
BM: Do you have a special “gift” that sets your work apart from the rest? 
PW: Yes, I have the ability to bring out a woman’s natural beauty when I do her make-up.  That comes from really listening to what her needs are.  Most make-up artists want to just paint and create what they feel is beautiful.
BM: How did you come about creating your own custom pressed powder?
PW: My powders were created out of frustration from working with so many other cosmetic lines on the market.  None of the colors seemed to work well with my clientele.  They were either too red, too pink, or too ashy.  I knew I needed to have a powder that had a warm yellow tone to it.  So I started researching to find out what I needed to do.
Laila Ali applying Phaedra Beauty Pressed Powder with a brush
BM: Your work is well known throughout the entertainment industry.  Who have been some of your favorite clients to work with?
PW: One of my favorites has been Laila Ali.  Her face is so easy to make-up.  It’s always easy when your subject is as beautiful as her.
BM: How do you define succcess? If there was anything that you could do differently on your road to success, what would it be and why?
PW: If I were to define success, it would have to be when a complete stranger recognizes you or the work that you’ve done.  It tends to throw you off a bit.  I don’t know if I’d do anything differently.  Sometimes I wonder why certain things take so long to achieve.  Then I have to just remember that it’s not in my timing it’s in God’s timing.
BM: Phaedra, it has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today.  We wish you continued success!
To find out more about Phaedra, please visit her website at
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