Make-Up 101: milani baked blushed

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Where has this cupcake been hiding? Milani’s new baked blush is one of the best kept make-up secrets. The product is made in Italy, but can be purchased at your local drug store for merely $7.99 and it is totally worth it. It comes in 8 different pigments each of which will look amazing on all women of color. Each baked goodie features a mixture of colors that will ultimately leave your face with a natural glow. The best way to apply this baked goodie is with a Kabuki brush. Simply, glide your brush through the baked goodie following up with a light tapping off of excess sweets. The silky smooth application leaves your cheeks radiant, and glamorous all day long!

by Gabriela Wesley


baked blush



Face makeup brush


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