M u s t H a v e: HEADBANGER Accessories!

I stumbled upon this accessory line while surfing the net and the colors, style and designs immediately grabbed my attention! The line launched in Oakland, California in Spring 2008 by designers Tasha Dial, Shayla Jamerson, and Tiffany Stapleton. The HEADBANGER designers felt the need to fulfill the quest to find large, unique, exclusive accessories with each bringing their own sense of individual style for fashion.
Before there was a demand for these intricate pieces, the partnership began as an experiment which proved to “move” the fashion industry. The best part about this line is the customization: HEADBANGER will design any accessory specific to your choice, therefore, you no longer have to shop around for that perfect accessory.
Beads, shells, ribbons, feathers, and metals are just a few “materials” used to enhance the eye catching earrings and bracelets. “Celebrity Bangers” include Electrik Red, Goapele, Chaka Khan, Kelly Rowland, and Netta Brielle, and trust me, the list goes on. Price ranges from $30-$75 and each piece is well worth it! Check it out for yourself…
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