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Lupita Nyong’o on the Cover of Glamour


The talented actress Lupita Nyong’o will appear on the cover of Glamour’s 24th Women of the Year cover. The stunning actress has always been a strong advocate for self-esteem and beauty issues. She candidly discusses her view on beauty inside the magazine’s December issue.
“European standards of beauty are something that plague the entire world — the idea that darker skin is not beautiful, that light skin is the key to success and love,” Nyong’o told Glamour. “Africa is no exception.”
The Kenyan actress, who is being honored today in New York City at the magazine’s annual star-studded event, discussing some of the problems that she has faced with colorism growing up.
“When I was in the second grade, one of my teachers said, ‘Where are you going to find a husband? How are you going to find someone darker than you?’ I was mortified, the 32-year-old actress told Glamour.
“I remember seeing a commercial where a woman goes for an interview and doesn’t get the job. Then she puts a cream on her face to lighten her skin, and she gets the job! This is the message: that dark skin is unacceptable. I definitely wasn’t hearing this from my immediate family — my mother never said anything to that effect — but the voices from the television are usually much louder than the voices of your parents.”
You can read more of Lupita’s interview when the issue hits newsstands tomorrow, November 11th.




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