Loving You Some You Relax Recipe

By Denise L. Jackson

This is the month of Love.  It is all over the television and advertisements.  Well, what if you are spending the special Love evening alone.  Well, you need to enjoy the love you have, the love you give, and the love you deserve to enjoy.  I have an easy and sustainable recipe to enjoy the day and evening and be good to the environment as well as your body.


Gather the items below and you can substitute as you feel you need to.  For instance, you can substitute the filtered water with organic wine or a light prosecco (since you probably have to go to work the next day) and you can change the fruit selection if you have an allergy and if you cannot take the aromatherapy bath, you can steal away 90 minutes in a quiet place.  Most important, you can be comfortable at home and have a wonderful time treating yourself.


1 or 2 pounds of Organic Strawberries, 2 cups of Blackberries, and 2 Large Fresh Peaches
3 cups of melted Organic Raw Chocolate
1 liter of Filtered Water (suggest Panna)
3 hours of No Electronics Time
Your Favorite Magazines
Your Favorite Music
An aromatherapy and olive oil bubble bath if needed


This is not complicated so I won’t make this a long article because I really need you to get to showing your love for you.  I will share a few things with you so that you won’t have to feel guilty about this wonderful indulgence.

Your organic strawberries and blackberries assist positive affects on everything include eye care, proper brain function, and relief from high blood pressure, arthritis, gout and heart diseases.  Blackberries also fight cancer, lower cholesterol, and fight colds.  The organic raw chocolate also supports the lowering of blood pressure, protects the heart, and has three times the antioxidants as green tea.  Filtered water is simply cleaner for your system and the environment.  Ridding your time of electronics, adding your favorite magazines, music and space to relax creates the proper environment for your psychological well-being.  You get to wind down, breathe, and do what you want to do.

So enjoy this healthy time to prepare you with Love and take care of your inner self for all that you need to do for your life.


L. Denise Jackson is the Founder of The Professional Green Network (PGN) and consults as The Ideation Expert.  The PGN is an international training company that serves busy professionals and business owners that want to live and operate sustainably, as well as profitably.  To learn more about how you can live more sustainable go to or contact L. Denise at  To learn how to monetize your ideas you can go to or email L. Denise at

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  • MYCA Couture
    February 22, 2012 at 7:23 am

    Great article! 🙂

    • Bronze Mag
      February 22, 2012 at 7:54 am

      Thanks for your feedback MYCA, it’s much appreciated 🙂


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