By Sustainable Business & Living Contributor L. Denise Jackson

Last week I talked about the heart and how it sustains us in various different facets of our lives.  Today I want to spend a little time talking about love and how this too sustains us “through this thing called life,” as Prince said in “Let’s Go Crazy.”  Now there is another Prince song, “When Doves Cry” where there was obvious love but the two people that loved each other could not seem to find happiness and there was pain and tears. 
Do you know that your heart can signal to your brain that you will only take, accept, and return that which is edifying to you.  Love is something we can live without.  We can survive without it but our life is then not as pleasant and fulfilling as it could be.  There is an evident emptiness that exists, however, most times we look for a man to fill that in a romantic way.  How about having the respect of a male friend or “play brother” who values you as a woman and a person?  Is that love enough?  How about the women in your circle or those that you meet?  Is there admiration, respect, friendship, bond enough? 
Now I know some people are reading this and saying, “I want someone to share intimate moments with whether it is a hug or something more.”  But is it fulfilling if it is not a moment that leaves you feeling peace, joy, happiness, butterflies, and expectancy?  Is it fulfilling when it you are left aggravated, frustrated, mad, scorn, torn, and depleted?  What would be fulfilling to you? 
Your heart deserves the calm and quiet to sustain its steady beat.  It is worthy of warmth and laughter.  It merits undivided attention and gazes into the depth of every beat.  Your heart warrants love that abounds each day with each experience.  Your mind is ready to be set free so that it can accept loving thoughts for your heart to grow stronger and fuller.  Accept this love today and give a piece of it to someone else that is deserving and you know, without a shadow of a doubt that they would choose to give it back to you. 
Love sustains the joy, peace, and happiness in your life and it is not tied to a mate.  Love is tied to your mind that then talks to the rest of your body and tell it how to act.  How to touch.  How to embrace.  How to talk.  How to console.  How to encourage.  How to receive.  How to give.  The mind tells your senses how to find the special way to speak through touching and nothing more.  Are you in tune with you to release what should not be to make room for what can be?
Love yourself because you are beautiful.  You are everything that you need to be and you are the most important person in your life to love.  You are the most beautiful person in your life.  If you don’t believe these three statements, then you need to get there.  How?  Look in the mirror every morning for 5 minutes and begin to love everything about you.  If you don’t have clear skin, adopt a regimen and change it.  If there are costly corrections that may deem cosmetic surgery, hold off, and accept those things as part of you first because there can be a deeper issue. When you look at yourself do you see a pretty face but feel heavy and low inside or do you feel you are not pretty but feel great inside until you are around what you decide is beautiful?  So tell yourself 1) one thing you really want to do that on your bucket list, 2) one thing you enjoy doing more than anything else and when you will do it, and 3) you are going to make time to be with the available person that can make you feel wonderful, encourage, edified, beautiful, and smart. 
Then act.  I want you to act and feel alive and well, and free and fabulous, smart and sexy, and simply beautiful.  I want you do look in the mirror every day and compliment yourself and every night thank your self for having a good day.  It is a choice.  Choose to love yourself because you are beautiful.

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