Looking your Professional best with Locs

by Nsi Amah

Hey, Bronze Beauties! Job hunting is still on the rise. Everyone is either looking for their first full-time job or looking for a career change. So it is crucial to look your best with your bomb interview outfit, resume and winning hairstyle. As naturals, it’s hard to pick the right hairstyle for the interview or even just a fresh new look for your new job. For your locs, it is always a challenge when styling them to look your professional best to prevent receiving side-eye from your bosses. Here are some recommendations and considerations you should think about for your professional best look.

First, get that Fresh Re-twist

A fresh re-twist is always a good first step from your trustworthy stylist or yourself. It’s not exactly the best idea to arrive at the interview with inches of new growth. It’s highly recommended to give your stylist a call if you are not doing your hair yourself.  Think of it as that fresh mini makeover that we all need. You want to look just as good as that awesome resume you have!

Choose your Best Color

Dying your locs, in general, is fun when you have an array of colors to play with. However, you have to be careful to which color you choose. You don’t want to choose very loud colors like sky blue or hot pink, at least not in a professional setting. You would want to stick to the neutral, browns, blondes and dark hues of red. Be mindful however, some have more maintenance than others. The most high-maintenance color will be the blonde because that will require bleaching. In addition to this, bleaching can lead to very dry hair if not moisturized properly after styling.  To be fair, any color can dry any natural hair, however, blonde can be the most harmful if not careful. Dry locs can easily break off.

The elegant updo

The simplest go-to style for that interview is an up-do like a neat bun to keep every loc out of the way. This way your hair is not distracting to anyone and your  interviewer can focus on you as well as the qualifications of your resume. An up-do will make them have eyes on you and only you.

When in doubt Curl it

Curls are always fun! It will give a flirty look to your outfit and add flavor to your personality. You can also pin curl your locs in a beautiful up-do for the interview, that way the curls have time to sit and set before letting the curls fall on your shoulders.

Bob it!

If you want to be fierce, give your locs a fresh cut. A bob haircut can give you more attention to your face, especially if you have an oval or round shaped face. A bob cut has gotten very popular over the years and became a very sharp look for work. I am sure this look can definitely work with your locs as well.

Remember, you want to treat yourself like a walking resume. You want to look as professional as your resume in your file. The key is to look simple, elegant and sharp so you can deliver your best qualifications in that interview. These simple hairstyles will make your locs look great! Go out there with your bad self and get that job! Rock that interview!

Photo Credit: Whoisdejalynn from Pixabay

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