Life Post-College Graduation

So you have finally reached yet another milestone in your life and you are now a college graduate. Before you do anything, congratulate yourself! You surpassed the stresses of meeting major deadlines, sleepless nights, early mornings, lengthy research papers, and dealing with some miserable professors. The question is, now what? You’re now being faced with questions like, “what are your post-graduation plans?” or “what’s next? Graduate school?” Some of us may be going straight into graduate/medical school, while some may work a full-time job to save towards furthering their education, or some may work and go to school part-time. The most important thing for soon-to-be-college-graduates to keep in mind  is not to compare your journey to anyone else’s. Not everyone will have their lives together at the same exact time, and keeping a clear mental space is going to help motivate you.

To anyone who feels like they’re alone and no one understands them, you are not the only one experiencing this kind of blurry area of your life. Think about what makes you feel at peace; it could be journaling, practicing yoga, going for a run, or maybe watching a good movie and continue to do those very same things as you plan out what’s next on your bucket list. Your college journey never ends because life is all about learning and growing. Until you become happy with where you are in your life, try your best and fight to the finish. Maybe “graduate” isn’t in your plan right now, that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. Many of today’s most successful people will always say that “education is the key to success.” The black community has always enforced education as being the most valuable tool because people view blacks as being uneducated and lazy; our ancestors fought for the right to receive an education, so it is only right we continue to gain knowledge of what soon became a privilege.


There you have it Bronze Millennials! Never give up on your dreams just because you are not where you want to be. Let the world be your classroom and never stop learning to love yourself. Don’t let your college years go to waste. Use what you have learned and implement those lessons into your daily life. Whether you got a rejection letter to your #1 choice school or you chose to take a break from higher education, never see anything as just being ‘NO;’ think of it as ‘NOT YET.’ You now have time to start fresh and look back on all of the accomplishments you reached throughout your undergraduate years. The friends, the memories, and campus events are always going to be the highlight of what helped shape your college experience as one filled with laughs and deep conversations; these are moments that you won’t ever be able to take back. Look up and never doubt yourself as being less than anyone else. No one can live your life and you only live once, so make this life count!

by Keara George

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